Remote Year: Cape Town Accommodations & Workspace

Pre-Remote Year, I remember wondering what the accommodations and workspaces would be like a lot. Several friends and family have also been asking me, since they’re curious about how the program is going, so I figure I’ll try to show what the apartments and co-working spots are like throughout the year.

I wasn’t thinking about doing posts like this until now, so unfortunately I don’t have landscape videos, but I’ll try to do better in the future.

Also I will try to nitpick to be as detailed as possible, but in general I’m pretty easy going when it comes to these things. I feel like a lot of these cons are not real cons, but I just want to be as helpful as possible!


One of the common spaces in the building:


  • The entire group was in the same building. This made it easy to plan dinners or outings and meet in the lobby before heading out. It was also nice because there were common spaces where we could all hang, play games (werewolf) and watch movies and tv shows. It was also nice that we had this because it was our Month 1, so it was a great way to get to easily know everyone, without all of us being spread out all over the city.
  • The apartments were very modern and new. The pots and pans were all new.
  • The wardrobes were great. Approximately 5 hangers in the wardrobe.
  • Water pressure was great, and water very hot, but because of the water situation we took two minute showers.
  • There was a third bedroom which would be great for guests
  • The apartment was literally a 5 minute walk to the workspace.
  • Some people were able to get their own apartment (no roommates), which is nice in my opinion, not for others though.


  • Kitchens were a wee bit small to cook a big, complicated meal. Fine to make simple things.
  • The elevators were real slow (On the positive side, I climbed the stairs to the 4th floor a lot!).
  • There wasn’t a good place for me to do hair/makeup based on where the sockets were in my room, but fortunately the third bedroom was open and the socket was in a better place, so I got ready in there.


Cartel House


  • It was gorgeous and very new. Industrial modern.
  • There was a mobile app where you could order coffee and food and they would bring it right to where you were sitting (Steven was great!)
  • Lots of nooks and crannies to plug in and get some work done.
  • You can interact with locals. They hosted a lot of professional events in the space.
  • Some of the local companies have dogs who are very cute.
  • Remote Year has its own room with lockers and call booths.
  • There’s a sick rooftop for yoga or story telling nights.


  • The back room exclusively for RY was not as “cool” as the rest of the feel of the workspace.
  • Lockers too small for a big external monitor (if you have one).
  • They had a couple power outages throughout the month where we all got kicked out of the building.
  • Elevator was slow.

Overall, I LOVED both and was super happy with my set up for the month.