Hi, I’m Rebecca, an avid hiker, yogi, chai tea drinker, avocado toast eater, and, as of April 2018, world traveler.

Other general interests include theater and music, museums and history, advocating for women in leadership roles, accounting and finance, Excel, the travel and hospitality industries, restaurants and food, red wine and cheese, and learning new things.

I am originally from Florida, but headed north as soon as I could in search of seasons and with big dreams in my head. After college in North Carolina and grad school in Tennessee, I made my way to the place I’d wanted to live in since I was super young: New York City.

But I knew I wasn’t going to just stop there I have always talked about traveling the world, and when 2017 presented some unanticipated opportunities, I capitalized on the situation and decided to finally make it happen.

I’m participating in a program called Remote Year, and I hope to show people that you don’t have to put your career on hold to travel the world. I also want to show that life continues when you travel the world – there will be amazing days, and there will be horrible days. So many travel blogs come with glamorous insta accounts, and some of the people I know think that what I’m doing is crazy or something they could never do.

I want to offer a realistic view of life spent traveling the world. I will be working full time as a researcher for a B2B travel media company while I attempt to see and do as much as possible in the countries I visit. Some days I’ll spend the entire day writing a report for work, while others I’ll spend learning to surf in Lisbon, hiking in Cape Town, and eating pho in Hanoi. In between, I’ll be doing all the other regular life stuff – finding time to exercise and do yoga, build relationships with new people, network to advance my career, and keep in touch with people I love back home.

I promise to always be real (okay, fine, with maybe just a little filter). I promise to always look for cairns – reminders that I’m on the right path – and share those with you. I promise to always keep pushing myself and learning as much as I can. I promise to always be little but fierce.

My hope is that, when I look back, I’ll find that I’ve been tripping over milestones, figuring it all out bit by bit along the way.

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